Stunt Performer Finds His Original Bike From E.T. For Shoe Palace

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Robert Cardoza was a stunt performer and choreographer for E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. Cardoza helped bring together the promotional shoot for the Shoe Palace x E.T. the Extra Terrestrial collection, which releases December 15. In the process of helping with the shoot, Cardoza was able to reunite with his original bike from E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. 


Earlier this year, he was contacted about taking part in an ad campaign for the Shoe Palace x E.T. clothing line. 

He learned then that someone found his actual bike from the movie. A bike he thought was long gone.

They were reunited for a photo shoot in California, and for a KGUN 9 interview at Tucson Mall.

“Soon as I looked at it, you knew it was real,” Cardoza said.

A happy ending to a story about a man, his bike, and a blockbuster movie that’s still as relevant today as it was in 1982.

“This movie is old but it’s timeless,” said Cardoza.

At age 60, Cardoza now lives in Catalina. He still races his bike.

He never got a credit in the movie, but his story is widely known around the BMX racing community.

You can watch KGUN 9 interview with Robert Cardoza below and be sure to pick up the Shoe Palace x E.T. the Extra Terrestrial collection this December 15.