Shoe Palace & Paul Shipper Have Joined Forces For A New E.T. Collection

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The great Paul Shipper has joined forces with Shoe Palace for a new line of apparel that features original artwork. Shipper was inspired by Drew Struzan and classic E.T. art for the exclusive to Shoe Palace piece of artwork he created. In an exclusive interview with Slash Film, Shipper described his inspiration for the piece: 

From Slash Film: 

What were the early conversations you had about what kinds of feelings or emotions this imagery of E.T. should evoke?

When we talked about it initially, it was to try to have a new piece of artwork that still felt like it could possibly be from that time. Almost like it was hidden away in the archives. That was the initial idea. I wasn’t sure how big they needed the artwork – it’s a massive file, it might be one of the biggest E.T. images ever drawn – but it was just over the top big, so the detail is quite a lot.

The Shoe Palace x E.T. collection releases exclusively at Shoe Palace November 19.