Writer Koepp Gives In An Update On Spielberg’s Blackhawks

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Back in 2018, which feels like an eternity ago, Steven Spielberg was announced to bring the DC Comics property, Blackhawks, to the big screen. The comic book adaption was supposed to reunite Spielberg with his longtime writing partner, David Koepp. Since that initial announcement in 2018, not much has been shared about the project. But, Koepp recently spoke to SYFY and gave an update on the film. 


First up, we have his fifth big screen collaboration with director Steven Spielberg, which will be an adaptation of DC’s Blackawks comic. Currently in the process of rewriting, Koepp hopes to be finished with the script soon. “I just hope it happens,” he said, “because it’s so fun and it’s a World War II movie about a squadron of fighter pilots. What could be more fun?”

Since Indiana Jones 5 is no longer a part of Spielberg’s schedule, maybe Blackhawks could be his next project? While I could see him serving as a producer, it would just seem odd for him to skip Indy 5 to take on a film with a similar tone and feel as a director. It will be interesting to see what’s next for him. After West Side Story, nothing is on his director’s slate.