A Visit To Universal’s Men In Black Alien Attack

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It is sort of forgotten in popular culture today what a huge hit the original Men In Black was in 1997. The film made close to 600 million worldwide and turned Will Smith into a global superstar. The lackluster sequels have sort of tarnished the MIB legacy, but in 2000, when Men In Black Alien Attack opened, it made perfect sense for the brand to have a big budget theme park attraction.

Opened: April 14, 2000

Where: Universal Studios Florida

Description:  Men In Black Alien Attack is an interactive dark ride. Guests participate in the attraction and that makes the experience feel like a video game almost. Alien Attack includes over 100 animatronic aliens, many of which were first used in the original movie. The ride has a queue and pre show that followed the MIB mythology closely. Rip Torn and Will Smith reprised their roles from the film and appear on screens, and in voiceover, during Alien Attack.

About The Ride From Universal:

Wipe Out The Scum Of The Universe


New York has been hit by an epidemic of aliens and it’s up to you, Agent Trainee, to blast them into oblivion. You’ll need a good eye and steady hand on your laser gun to zap those little suckers at just the right second.


But be warned—they zap back! And if they hit your car, it’ll spin out of control.


The more of them you hit, the more points you get. The more points you get, the closer you’ll be to becoming a full-fledged MEN IN BLACK™ agent. Not to put any pressure on you, but the fate of the Earth is in your hands. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Thoughts:  I have never experienced Men In Black Alien Attack in person. I have just watched videos and read about the attraction online. The ride is adored by theme park fans and I can tell why based on the footage I have seen. Universal Studios does a great job of replicating movies for their themed attractions and Men In Black looks special because of that. Having Will Smith a part of it really is a treat, when you consider how many big name actors usually avoid things like this. I am excited to one day experience Alien Attack for myself