Amblin Road Joins HITRECORD To Create A Fake Spielberg Inspired Blockbuster!

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Amblin Road is collaborating with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HITRECORD for “The Fake ’80s Blockbuster Project!” 

The project’s goal is to imagine a fake ’80s style blockbuster that would have rivaled the work of Steven Spielberg and Amblin at the Box Office. Right now the film needs a title, and everyone can participate in trying to find the perfect one. 

You can sign up for HITRECORD and contribute to the project here:


Write a movie title for a fake blockbuster that (never) came out in 1983. Think of something that would have rivaled Spielberg’s movies.


When you add your fake movie title, write one sentence about what the movie would be about.

Again, remember this is something that would have come out in 1983 and been a box office rival to the Amblin movies of Steven Spielberg.


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