Review: Spielberg

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The Spielberg documentary debuted on HBO on October 7, 2017. The film was produced and directed by Susan Lacy.


Spielberg is a full length documentary that examines the legendary career of one of the greatest filmmakers that has ever lived. The HBO project looks at the stories behind Steven Spielberg’s most memorable projects. Spielberg also dives into his personal life and how it has impacted his filmography.


  • The documentary does an incredible job of presenting the scope and impact of Spielberg’s career. It informs the viewer why the filmmaker is so iconic.


  • It features interviews with all the major players from Spielberg’s career and life. You don’t really miss anyone, or feel like someone vital was missed.


  • Spielberg balances information and entertainment nearly perfectly. It never gets boring or redundant.


  • More information on Spielberg’s personal life would have been nice. The film definitely covers Spielberg the man, but even more information would have been appreciated.


  • As a fan of Amblin, I wish more time was dedicated to the Spielberg company.


  • All the information in the film is well constructed and presented, but you really don’t learn a lot of new information on Spielberg, or his filmography.

In Closing:

Spielberg is a tremendously entertaining documentary film. It honors the filmmaker with its quality and information. Spielberg is the definitive project on one of the most important artists of our lifetime.

Rating: A-