Review – Men In Black: International

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Men In Black: International opened wide in theaters on June 14, 2019. The sci-fi comedy is a continuation of the iconic franchise that starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Men In Black: International starred Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. It was directed by F. Gary Gray. 


As usual, the Men In Black are facing a threat to the world from alien beings. Brand new MIB agent M (Thompson) must team with rogue agent H (Hemsworth) to stop evil alien forces. They quickly learn the true threat is actually working for the Men In Black. 


  • The film’s score, by Danny Elfman, is the film’s highlight. It brings back music from the original MIB trilogy and brings an energy to the film that the rest of the crew is unable to conjure. 


  • There are some cool set pieces and action beats, but the characters and story are so hollow that you don’t care. 


  • The stars of the film are both excellent actors. But they fail to bring the energy and chemistry Smith and Jones brought to the original films. 


  • Nothing in MIB: International feels important or urgent. The characters don’t really seem to care that much about the events that take place and the audience follows their lead. The entire production is incredibly sedated and lackluster, the entire film feels like it’s on autopilot. 


  • International is incredibly predicable, and it is a little insulting how obvious the whole plot plays out. 

 In Closing:

Men In Black: International‘s biggest sin is how boring it all is. It’s all been done before and much, much better. The cast is completely wasted on a script and story that never should have been told. Instead of watching MIB: International, watch the original MIB instead. 

 Rating: D