Review: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit opened on June 22, 1988. The comedy film was directed by Robert Zemeckis. It starred Bob Hoskins and was Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg.


Detective Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) has a hatred for cartoons and animated characters. When he takes a case involving an animation superstar, Roger Rabbit, he gets involved in a dangerous plot to frame the Rabbit. Eddie now must clear Roger’s name and avoid the evil Judge Doom.


  • The integration of animation into the mostly live action film is incredible. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of the most technically advanced movies ever made.


  • The performance by Bob Hoskins is nearly perfect. He convincingly acts alongside animated characters and makes you believe in the story.


  • The direction of Robert Zemeckis is not only a technical marvel, but he creates a uniquely wonderful universe with Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


  • The overall plot and story of Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a little convoluted when you give it some thought. But, it truly doesn’t matter because the film is so inventive and fun.

In Closing:

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a cinematic masterpiece in terms of scope, creativity and how it pushed the boundaries of 1980’s technology. The characters are memorable and never get overshadowed by the visual achievements. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is easily one of the most unique and entertaining films of all time.

Rating: A