A Docuseries About Hatred Is Coming From Steven Spielberg

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The Wrap has given a release date for Why We Hate, a docuseries from Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney. The Discovery Channel Documentary will premiere on October 13. Why We Hate promises to examine the reason why human nature allows us to hate other humans. 

From The Wrap: 

Getting to the root of the human condition is something not only fascinating, but necessary in understanding who we are,” Spielberg and Gibney said in a joint statement. “This is not a series that just documents something that’s happening; it’s an inquiry – an attempt to understand why we hate, through the science, and through an understanding of our common humanity. Hate is in our DNA. If we understand why we act the way we do, we can change the way we act. That is what we are uniquely capable of as human beings.

Learn more about the upcoming limited series from Amblin and Steven Spielberg by clicking here. You can also watch the first trailer for the project below.