Review: The Money Pit

The Money Pit opened on March 26, 1986. The Amblin film stars Tom Hanks and Shelly Long. The slapstick comedy was directed by Richard Benjamin.


Walter Fielding (Tom Hanks) & Anna Crowley (Shelly Long) are a young couple that due to a series of unforeseen events find themselves homeless. Out of nowhere, an amazing house comes into the picture for an unbelievable price. The home turns out to be a complete money pit that threatens to destroy their love for each other.


  • The chemistry between Tom Hanks and Shelly Long carries the film. They are both at the top of their games and make you fully invest in their relationship.


  • The Money Pit offers an array of comedic set pieces that are both hilarious and inventive.


  • The pacing is almost perfect. It never slows down and it flawlessly bounces from scene to scene.  


  • Some of the plot points are never fully realized or made completely clear. The script and story are a little choppy in places.

 In Closing:

 The Money Pit is one of the 80’s finest comedies. It features great performances from two of the decade’s top performers. It is an example of how genius broad comedy can be, when it’s done with creativity and charm.

 Rating: A-