Rumor: Indiana Jones 5 Gets Another New Writer And Story

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It was reported last year that Jon Kasdan was working on the Indy 5 script. Kasdan had taken over for David Koepp, the writer of Indy 4, who was originally tasked with bringing Indiana Jones back to the screen for one more adventure. 

Slash Film is now reporting that Kasdan is being replaced by This Is Us creator, Dan Fogelman. Fogelman is obviously as strange choice and apparently he is crafting a completely new story and direction for the film. 

From Slash Film

Last year, we found out that David Koepp, who wrote Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was being replaced  by Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Jonathan Kasdan as the Indiana Jones 5 writer. Kasdan reportedly started from scratch on a new draft,  bumping the film’s release date back  in the process. (Director Steven Spielberg is busy with his West Side Story remake anyway.)


Now a new rumor says This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman is the latest writer to come on board, and that his new script will have an entirely different premise than Kasdan’s. 

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