Spielberg Meets With Netflix, Possibly Over Oscar Debate

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A lot has been made about Steven Spielberg’s alleged reluctance with Netflix’s Oscar campaigning, and also the inclusion of Netflix films in the Oscar Award talk. Spielberg himself has never said publicly that he was actively campaigning to remove Netflix projects from Oscar consideration, but rumors have circulated indicating that was the case. The Hollywood Reporter has shared a story that claims Spielberg recently met with Netflix’s Ted Sarandos. Sarandos is currently the leader of Netflix’s content creation and marketing. 

From Hollywood Reporter

Have director Steven Spielberg and Netflix’s Ted Sarandos reached a détente?


The two have been on opposite sides of the current debate about whether movies that appear on streaming services like Netflix deserve a spot in the Oscar competition.


But earlier this week, the two were seen dining together at the San Vincente Bungalows, the new private club in West Hollywood, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter — a sign that the two industry heavyweights might be looking to achieve some common ground.


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