Review: Bumblebee

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Bumblebee is now playing in theaters! The film stars Hailee Steinfeld & John Cena. It was directed by Travis Knight and Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg. 


The autobot, Bumblebee, finds itself lost and unable to remember its past on earth. Charlie has just turned 18 and discovers the friendly transforming robot in a junkyard. The two quickly become friends and must join forces to defend earth from the evil Decepticons. 


  • Bumblebee is easily the best installment in the entire Transformers film franchise. It’s the first Transformers film that feels like it was treated with reverence for the original toy line and cartoon.


  • The performance by Hailee Steinfeld is filled with heart and humor. She elevates the entire project with her earnest portrayal of Charlie. 


  • The effects in Bumblebee are spectacular. The Autobots and Decepticons look like they are there on screen and come across as real characters. 


  • The film does an excellent job of capturing the spirit and energy of an 1980s Amblin film, and not just because it takes place during the decade. 


  • Sometimes the film relies too heavily on 1980s references and jokes. 


  • The action scenes are all well done, but aren’t as dynamic as you would expect. 

In Closing:

Bumblebee is easily the best Transformers movie ever made. The influence of Executive Producer Steven Spielberg is obvious and director Travis Knight honors the legacy of the franchise in a way it hasn’t been in the past. Bumblebee is the first Transformers film that makes me excited about the future of the series. 

Rating: B