The Story For Bumblebee Came From Spielberg

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There has always been some questions and debate regarding just how involved Steven Spielberg actually is in the making of the Transformers series. He has served as an Executive Producer on the previous films, and that title will continue on the upcoming Bumblebee. It seems for Bumblebee however that his role may have been much bigger than just producer. According to the film’s director, Travis Knight, Spielberg is responsible for the film’s story. 

From Yahoo UK

“The original idea for this film actually was Steven [Spielberg’s]. We can thank him for this film even existing.”

Knight was also inspired by the film work of the legendary director: 

“I wanted to pay tribute to some of the movies that meant a lot to me in the 80s, specifically those classic Spielberg and coming-of-age movies, those Amblin movies, which always had this beautiful sense of wonder, of laughter, of tears, that really had a deep and strong beating heart at the core of it.”

So far the reviews for Bumblebee have been very strong, so Spielberg’s involvement definitely seemed to help. 

Bumblebee opens in theaters December 14th. Read more about Spielberg’s involvement with Bumblebee here