Amblin Is Close To Bringing Another Horror Story To Theaters

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Amblin has acquired and announced quite a few projects recently. Today, Deadline is exclusively reporting that Amblin Partners is close to a deal to turn the horror short, Whisper, into a feature film. 

More from Deadline: 

Amblin Partners is closing a deal to turn the horror short  Whisper into a feature film.  Julian Terry, who directed the short, is finalizing a deal to helm the movie.


The Picture Company partners Andrew Rona  and Alex Heineman are producing. Bryce McGuire  will write the script. The short is a scary scenario in which household tech devices are used as a gateway for a supernatural entity that has scores to settle. Sources say the feature version has a Poltergeist feel which seems a good fit for Amblin. The producers shopped the package last week and Amblin execs Andrew Calof and Jeb Brody moved quickly to secure it.


The short lasts just long enough to create a scare, and its brevity and proof of concept makes it reminiscent of shorts like Mama, the Spanish short film that launched the careers of It‘s Andy and Barbara Muschietti.


Learn more from Deadline here. Watch the Short film Whisper below.