The Original Nike Sneaker From Back to the Future II Is Up For Auction!!!

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A vintage original Nike Air Mag sneaker, the one Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II, is currently up for auction on eBay. Only the left shoe is available and you can tell by the photos that the sneaker has deteriorated badly. The auction, as of June 27th, is currently at a staggering $88,400.00 with about 4 days remaining. 

It’s an extremely cool item, but you just have to wonder how much longer it will last in this condition. Sneakers are notorious for falling apart and they don’t make the best collectibles because of it. It might be time for someone to try and restore the sneaker. It wouldn’t be an original prop anymore if it was restored, but if it isn’t worked on there may be no sneaker left in another 10-15 years. 

You can check out the auction here

Info from eBay: 

Vintage Original Nike Mag (1989) One Shoe Only

  • This is an incredible opportunity to own a real piece of history
  • This auction is for an Original Nike Mag that was made for Back To The Future II
  • Nike Mags were the first shoes that Nike made specifically for a movie
  • Nike Mags were designed by Tinker Hatfield (they represent his idea of what sneakers would be like in the future)
  • This auction is for the left shoe only (not a pair)
  • This shoe is extremely fragile (it is deteriorating and should not be handled)
  • The plastic outsole separates from the shoe if you pick it up and the midsole is cracking and crumbling
  • Some of the crumbles have been preserved in two small plastic containers
  • In 2011 Nike sold 1510 Mags via auctions (1500 on eBay and 10 at Flagship Nike Stores)
  • In 2016 Nike raffled 89 Mags with Power Laces
  • Very few Original Mags were made in 1989
  • This shoe is from the collection of a longtime Nike employee
  • This shoe is on display at Index PDX for the duration of the auction
  • Images by Unruh/Jones 


  • Unmarked
  • The outsole measures 10″ from heel to toe 

No Shipping

  • No Shipping. Local pickup only in Portland, Oregon. This shoe is too fragile to ship.