Interview: Jurassic Jen

Jurassic Jen is one of the biggest Jurassic Park fans there is and she has amassed a huge social media following on Instagram. She shares photos and stories that deal with her favorite movie of all time on her account. The actress and spokesperson currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

You can keep up with Jurassic Jen on Instagram @jurassic.jen.

When was the first time you watched Jurassic Park?

I first watched Jurassic Park with my dad in the movie theaters when I was just a child. He wanted to take me to see it but I was secretly scared. I finally gave in and loved it. I made him take me like 9 more times and I became obsessed!

What was it about the film that made you obsessed with it?

I don’t know what the film did to me, but I couldn’t stop talking about it. I think my family thought it was a phase, but it wasn’t. I was obsessed and I still am. I even had my little brother, sister and best friend reenact scenes with me. It was just magical to me. Jurassic Park is the reason I wanted to take the acting route.

Who is your favorite character in Jurassic Park?

When I was younger, I wanted to be Lex so bad. But, that was because she was the young girl in it and I related to that part of her character. As I got older, Ian Malcolm became a favorite. I have to say I had a crush on Alan Grant for a bit. Now, I relate to Ellie the most.

What is your favorite quote?

I love so many quotes from Jurassic Park. They are all so clever, no pun intended (laughing). I want to say all of Malcolm’s quotes, but I do love Ellie’s famous line in continuation of one of his, ‘… dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth.’ It’s just perfect in that scene.

Do you have a favorite JP keepsake or collectible?

I don’t think I had any Jurassic Park toys growing up. I was too involved in the movie itself, and pretending I was a part of it. I made my mom pre order the VHS tape and spend like $50 on it so I could have it a week before it came out. I also had the soundtrack, and I would listen to it and go into another world.

25 years later, what is your favorite Jurassic Park related memory?

 A huge part of my memories relating to Jurassic Park involve my dad. It’s something he showed me and it is a connection I have with him. He passed away, but we will always have Jurassic Park. I remember telling him I would be in one of the Jurassic movies one day. I was so happy when Jurassic World came out because it made me feel like I had the chance to make that promise happen and to make him proud. It’s funny how all these dreams came about when I was little and first saw this movie. Now, I am older and I am acting and I still have the same dream. Jurassic Park is truly special to me…it’s more than just a movie that I love…it was the beginning of a journey for me.

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