Spielberg Discusses Close Encounters With James Cameron

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James Cameron has a new series called, AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, debuting on AMC April 30. Cameron will speak to notable sci-fi creators on the show—like George Lucas, Will Smith and Steven Spielberg. 

EW has debuted an exclusive clip from the show where Spielberg shares with Cameron how his father helped to inspire Close Encounters of the Third Kind

“He took me to a knoll somewhere in New Jersey and there were hundreds of people lying on picnic blankets,” Spielberg says in the clip. “I put the scene in Close Encounters. And we got out there, and we lay down on his army knapsack, and we looked up at the sky, and every 30 seconds or so there was a brilliant flash of light that streaked across the sky. I just remember looking at the sky, because of the influence of my father, and saying, ‘If I ever get a chance to make a science fiction movie, I want those guys to come in peace.’”

You can watch a clip from the Spielberg Episode at EW