Review: Balto

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The Amblimation movie, Balto, opened on this date in 1995.


The animated film, Balto, is based on a true story. A half wolf, half husky, is considered an outcast by the rest of the dogs. Balto gets the chance to prove his worth when illness threatens the children in his home. He sets out on a journey to get medicine that can save the kids’ lives.


  • The animation in the film is beautiful.
  • The characters are likable and kids will have no problem identifying with them.


  • The characters are a little too cliché and standard for an animated film. They are all likable, but don’t really offer anything new or exciting.
  • The film opens and closes with live action characters. The live action scenes don’t really mesh with the rest of the animated film. The scenes aren’t bad, but they seem out of place.

In Closing:

Balto is gorgeous to look at and it’s fun to revisit hand drawn animation. The problem with Balto is that the story and characters are generic and stale. It’s not often that you see a true story made into an animated film, but it is presented in a way that is standard for this kind of film.

Rating: C