Now Is The Perfect Time To Bring Back The Goonies!

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With the incredible success IT had at the box office this past weekend, and the popularity of Stranger Things Season 1 on Netflix, along with the anticipation for Season 2 being sky high, now is the perfect time to bring back The Goonies!



A sequel to The Goonies has been discussed for decades now, but for whatever reason Steven Spielberg and company have not found a story that they felt worked as a follow up to the beloved 1985 original. In 2014 The Goonies director, Richard Donner, said that Spielberg had come up with an idea and that the film was going to get rolling soon. That was over three years ago and nothing else has really been heard from anyone regarding The Goonies sequel since.

The public’s taste has changed a lot since Donner made those comments in 2014. Kids on bicycles getting into adventures set in the 1980s are actually popular things to do in entertainment again—it’s practically a genre right now. Stranger Things is being given a lot of credit for helping IT become a massive hit. But, Stranger Things pulled a lot of inspiration from The Goonies.

If they really want to continue the adventures of Mickey, Mouth, Data, Chunk and the rest of the Goonies—it might be now or never.

Here are my reasons why The Goonies has to happen now!

The Cast Is The Perfect Age

If you bring back all the original Goonies, the actors are the perfect age right now to come back as parents to a younger group. Obviously the original cast can’t play kids anymore—they are pretty much all in their mid to late 40s—but they are the perfect age to have kids that can portray the new Goonies. Beloved film characters having kids that follow in their footsteps in sequels doesn’t always work out well, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an example of a huge miss. But, in the case of The Goonies, the only way you can really include the original cast, and keep the central theme as kids going on an adventure, is giving the original Goonies children.

The 1980s Is Still A Popular Decade

The music, fashion, TV shows and movies of The Goonie’s era are still in vogue. It feels like in 2017 that maybe the 1990s should be the decade we are trying to emulate, but the 1980s still seems to have a firm grasp on our culture. But, eventually that will end, and the fondness everyone still has for The Goonies will begin to fade. The 80s is in this sweet place right now where everything from the decade gives us a warm feeling of nostalgia—rather than feeling dated the way the 1960s or 1970s feels on film.

Right Now There Are Multiple Places To Distribute A Project Like This

The way people consume their TV, movies and media is vast right now. You have places like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu that are creating original content and are trying to compete against film studios and the bigger TV networks. You can definitely see a Goonies revival having value to a Netflix or Amazon—it’s the kind of project that draws buzz. If Spielberg and the rest of the team can’t find a way to bring the Goonies to the big screen, maybe the small screen is a good option. There may be budget concerns with it comes to making The Goonies for the big screen, but a limited series, or Netflix movie, seems more economically feasible.

The Revival/Reboot Is Hot Right Now

Popular properties returning from the past is something that is an industry standard right now. The reason for that is largely because of all the competition out there for the public’s attention and money. Properties like the classic sitcom Roseanne, and the iconic 80’s cartoon Voltron, are being brought back because they have existing fanbases. The Goonies definitely has an audience that is anxiously waiting for it to return. When you think of all the iconic films from the 1980s, Goonies is really one of the few that hasn’t returned in some form. Ghostbusters made a return. Blade Runner is coming out next month. It’s actually kind of shocking that The Goonies hasn’t been rebooted or gotten a sequel yet—it is more than 32 years after its original release.

It & Stranger Things Have Proven The Basic Concept of The Goonies Can Still Work

It and Stranger Things are two of the biggest things in popular culture right now, and both are consistently compared to The Goonies when people analyze them. The interesting thing about IT and Stranger Things, less so IT because its based on a Stephen King novel, is that they are both targeted at older audiences. The fact that older material is being targeted at people who grew up with The Goonies shows how the film still resonates. The success of It & Stranger Things proves that the public has a taste right now for Goonies style adventures.

Eventually The Goonies will return in some shape or form. But, right now might be the best chance it has to really connect with an audience.