Actor Ben Mendelsohn Admits To Be Intimidated By Spielberg On Set Of Ready Player One

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Ben Mendelsohn, probably best known now for his role as Orson Krennic in Rogue One, admits to being intimidated by Steven Spielberg on the set of Ready Player One. The actor had this to say to Empire Magazine

“I got very excited and nervous. I found it hard to look him in the eye. Steven’s created a lot of legendary pop culture. The canon is so huge and so awesome. I love Saving Private Ryan. I love 1941. I’m very, very partial to Poltergeist, with the girl and the television and the lovely little spirit lady. Part of the joy of Spielberg doing this film is to be able to play in this referencing of pop culture, of which he is a substantial contributor.”

Mendelsohn is definitely living every nerd’s dream life right now. He just went face to face with Darth Vader in Rogue One, and then he got to follow that up with going face to face with the most successful filmmaker that ever lived. I find it interesting that Medelsohn singled out 1941, that’s a title you dont hear often when people point out their favorite Spielberg properties. 

Ready Player One opens in March 2018.