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Former Child Actor Cary Guffey Talks About Working On Close Encounters

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is back in theaters right now after debuting 40 years ago. Cary Guffey, who played Barry Guiler in the film, spoke with Inside Edition about his time working on the sci-fi...

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Karen Allen Wants To Return For Indy 5!!

Karen Allen, the actress who played Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, wants to return for the upcoming 5th Indy adventure!  Karen Allen is anxious to return...

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Before Watching Close Encounters Again – Revisit A Spielberg Interview From The 70s

Close Encounters of the Third Kind returns to theaters this Friday! The American Film Institute‘s Youtube channel has an interview with Steven Spielberg from 1978 where he talks about the special effects in Close...

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