Greta Gerwig Discusses Spielberg’s Influence On Little Women

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Director Greta Gerwig’s latest feature, Little Women, is currently receiving a lot of awards buzz. The film is based on the timeless novel and features an all star cast. Gerwig recently spoke to Hollywood Reporter and talked about how Steven Spielberg inspired some of her choices for the film. 

From Hollywood Reporter

Gerwig has famously credited Steven Spielberg as a mentor for the project, as she told the roundtable, “I was going to go prep  Little Women  and he’d shot Lincoln, and it took place the same year. It’s the same world. He opened up every piece of research he had done, how he’d decided to light things given that it was all candlelight, how he’d decided to shoot interiors.”


“He opened the camera he shot Jurassic Park with [and] had me smell celluloid. He said, ‘You have to shoot on film, it smells different. You cannot shoot a story that takes place in 1861, digitally. You just can’t, I won’t let you do it.'”


“It feels like such an honor to be able to talk with someone who thinks about how do we tell stories and how do we bring people in to the stories. It’s not one thing, it’s everything,” Gerwig said.

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