Amblin Is Making A New Film Based On The Legend Of Dracula

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Amblin Entertainment has recently acquired the rights to the film, The Last Voyage of the Demeter. The film has been in development for a number of years in a variety of different places – but Amblin seems serious about finally bringing it to the big screen and they have already started negotiating with director, André Øvredal. 

From The Hollywood Reporter: 

Demeter was the name of the ship that transported Dracula from Transylvania to London in Bram Stoker’s classic tale. In that 1897 novel, the ship washes up on the shores of England, tattered and broken, with one raving-mad survivor. Originally written in 2002 by Bragi Schut (Escape Room), the script tells the tale of that journey, in which the crew is slaughtered one by one by a mysterious passenger.


The project has had homes at Phoenix Pictures and Millennium Films, among others, and over the years has attracted such filmmakers as Robert Schwentke and Marcus Nispel. It came close to setting sail around 2012 with director David Slade and a cast that included Ben Kingsley and Noomi Rapace, but winds didn’t carry it far.


Øvredal made his feature directorial debut with the Norwegian faux-documentary Trollhunter (2011). Guillermo del Toro took him under his wing for Scary Stories, which was released by CBS Films in August and performed stronger than expected.


Before he tackles Demeter, Øvredal will likely helm The Long Walk, an adaptation of the Stephen King story set up at New Line. Fischer, who produced House With a Clock in Its Walls for Amblin, is one of the producers of the thriller and introduced the filmmaker to Demeter.


Øvredal is repped by WME, Industry Entertainment and Hansen Jacobson.