The Director Of Gremlins Shares How Spielberg Saved The Film

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Variety has put up a story that examines the impact Toy Fair can have on Hollywood. The yearly trade event showcases the biggest toy companies and their upcoming product for the year. While talking to Variety about the impact Gremlins had on the toy world, Joe Dante, director of both Gremlins films, shared how Steven Spielberg saved the integrity of the franchise. 

From Variety: 

“In the original script, after the first 20 minutes, [main character] Gizmo disappeared from the movie. He became the bad gremlin, Stripe,” Dante says. “Steven decided at the last minute he liked Gizmo. [That’s what] sold the movie. [The studio] wanted to cut out a lot of  gremlins  stuff because they thought it was revolting. Steven said, ‘We can cut out the gremlins and call the picture “People,” but I don’t think anyone is going to come.’”

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