Review: The Terminal

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The Terminal opened on June 18, 2004. The film starred Tom Hanks & was directed by Steven Spielberg.


An immigrant finds himself stuck inside a New York airport. He makes friends and enemies while unable to go home or visit the city. A promise he made keeps him committed to finding a solution to his peculiar situation.


  • Tom Hanks is extremely likeable, as always, as Viktor Navorski.


  • Everyone in the ensemble cast gives a strong performance.


  • There are a few genuinely funny and heartfelt moments in The Terminal.


  • The comedic moments in the film are hit and miss. Some jokes work well and some fall flat.


  • The film is 30 minutes too long. It drags in moments and it hurts the comedy.


  • The romance between Tom Hanks’ character and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character doesn’t really work. Their chemistry is fine, but there is no spark during their scenes together.

In Closing:

The Terminal is a harmless picture that has a message that still resonates today. Its heart is in the right place, but the execution is pretty ordinary. The Terminal is one of Spielberg’s most forgettable films despite having entertaining moments.

Rating: C+