Review: The BFG

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The BFG opened on this date in 2016. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg and starred Mark Rylance. 


A friendly giant, The BFG, takes an orphaned girl from her orphanage in the night. She is taken to Giant Country and discovers a brand new world. The giant and girl team up to stop the man-eating giants from taking over the human world.


  • The BFG is beautifully shot. The cinematography and set design allow the picture to look spectacular.


  • The special effects, especially dealing with the giants, are strong.


  • The BFG is very slow moving, especially for a children’s film.


  • The design of the giants is unaspiring and lacks the kind of magic you would want from characters like this. There is nothing memorable about them.


  • The dialog is humorless and forced. The giants, especially The BFG, deliver dialog that is cringe worthy.


  • The film relies too much on crass humor, including numerous fart jokes. The comedy in The BFG isn’t handled well.

In Closing:

The BGF is a huge disappointment for Steven Spielberg fans. The characters are forgettable, the dialog is often embarrassing and the story as a whole offers nothing to get excited about. The film delivers visually, but fails to impress in any other way. The BFG is one of Steven Spielberg’s weakest films.

Rating: D