Review: Innerspace

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The Amblin Entertainment film, Innerspace, opened on this date in 1987. The film was directed by Joe Dante and starred Dennis Quaid, Martin Short & Meg Ryan.


Lt. Tuck Pendleton volunteers for a dangerous miniaturization experiment. When criminals try and steal the technology, Pendleton gets injected into a paranoid grocery store manager, Jack Putter. The pair now has to find away to avoid the shady characters that want the miniaturization tech and get Pendleton out of Putter before it’s too late.


  • Innerspace is filled with innovative ideas and features an engaging high concept story.


  • The film features a lot of charming comedic moments and characters. Martin Short is definitely the standout of the film.


  • The special effects are seamless and still hold up very well in 2018.


  • It takes a while for Innerspace to really get going. The first act moves slowly and is a little aimless.

In Closing:

Innerspace is an underrated Amblin film. It doesn’t get the same amount of attention as other Amblin films like Back to the FutureThe Goonies or Gremlins. Innerspace contains all the things that make a truly great Amblin film. It has an ambitious story, memorable characters and a real heart at its center. Innerspace is one of the most fun films in the Amblin filmography.

Rating: B+