Indiana Jones 5 Hires A New Writer

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Indiana Jones 5 is expected to be the final time Harrison Ford will portray the iconic character. The film is scheduled to hit cinemas in July 2020. Steven Spielberg is attached to direct and it has been reported that David Koepp would be writing the script. Koepp also wrote the script for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It is now being reported, exclusively by Collider, that Jon Kasdan has been brought in to write the script. Kasdan recently wrote, along with his father Lawrence Kasdan, the script for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Jon Kasdan’s father, Lawrence, of course wrote the script for Raiders of the Lost Ark

From Collider: 

We don’t know the nature of Kasdan’s gig, so there are a few things we want to get straight. We aren’t sure if he’s rewriting Koepp’s existing script, or merely doing a two-week polish, or if he’s starting completely from scratch. We also don’t know if Kasdan is writing the script with a partner — perhaps his father, Lawrence Kasdan, with whom he wrote Solo, and who counts Raiders of the Lost Ark among his many credits. We also don’t know when Koepp left the project or when Kasdan was hired, be it before or after Soloopened below expectations, so it’s possible that he has been working on Indy 5 for some time now. As for who will ultimately get credit, we’ll leave that up to the WGA to decide.

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