Review: Jaws

The Steven Spielberg film, Jaws, opened on this date in 1975. The film starred Roy Schneider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. 


A killer shark is terrorizing the population of Amity Island. Lives are being lost and everyone becomes desperate to try and stop it. A sheriff, marine biologist and shark hunter team up to try and destroy the shark before it can kill again. 


  • The music in Jaws is possibly the strongest aspect of the movie. John Williams creates tension, suspense and a sense of adventure with his wonderful score. 


  • There are many thrilling moments in Jaws. It is arguably Spielberg’s most intense and scary film. 


  • The characters and performances really make you care about that final confrontation between man and shark. You understand why our three leads care so much about stopping the monster they are after. 


  • 43 years after its release, Jaws might be a little slow for modern audiences. The pace is definitely a product of the 1970s. 

In Closing:

Jaws changed the movie industry when it opened in 1975. It helped to create the summer blockbuster and it turned Steven Spielberg into the most famous director on the planet. The film itself is genuinely terrifying and has a brutality we have never really seen again from Spielberg. The performances, music and Spielberg’s mastery of building tension makes Jaws a classic piece of entertainment. 

Rating: A