Spielberg’s Daughter Talks About What It’s Like To Work With Her Father & Her Music

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Sasha Spielberg has a new EP out titled, Facepaint. She recorded the album under her alias, Buzzy Lee. Besides being an accomplished musician, Sasha has appeared in a lot of movies, including ones directed by her father.

The young actress/singer told this to Rolling Stone about her work with her legendary dad:  

A lot of the movies that I played tiny roles in stemmed from me auditioning for a bigger role in the movie, and then the director being like, “OK, you’re not right for this role, but I kind of want to still put you in the movie.”


If you see my IMDb, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of them are my dad’s movies, and he would always just find these little parts for me, and be like, “Hey, I need a favor, do you want to be in this little role where you punch Shia LaBeouf?” They were so little – I’d take a day off from high school or middle school to shoot, and I felt so cool. It was just a cute, endearing bonding experience. It’s a very specific father-daughter–bonding thing.

You can read the rest of her interview with Rolling Stone here. Facepaint is currently available and you can grab a copy here