Truth Or Dare Director Shares How Much Poltergeist Scared Him As A Child

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The Director of the new horror film, Truth or Dare, shared with Interview Magazine that the scene that scared him the most as a kid was from Poltergeist.

Jeff Wardlow had this to say about the Steven Spielberg produced film:

The most terrifying thing I’ve seen in a movie was the scene in Poltergeist when the paranormal investigator peels his own face off. That wrecked me. I was a happy, well-rested seven year-old when I saw that film in theaters, and after that the nightmares set in and I was never the same. I saw it In ’82 or ’83, when the movie was in theaters, and I think I was way too young to see it, but because I loved all things Steven Spielberg (who produced the movie), my parents took me. I don’t think they fully comprehended how much it freaked me out. I imagine they told me over and over that it wasn’t real, but the images were so visceral, they were hard to shake. That scene made me scared of the movies for the first time in my life!

Truth or Dare is now in theaters. Read what else Wardlow had to say about Poltergeist here