The Impact Spielberg Had On A New Netflix Series

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Lost In Space reboots the classic television show of the same name. The latest iteration of Lost In Space will stream on Netflix. It was written and executive produced by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. 

The duo shared with Business Insider the impact Steven Spielberg had on the upcoming series. 

Sazama: The two patron saints of our version of “Lost in Space” would be Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, and their sense of how you can have wonder and terror almost working hand-in-hand together.

Sharpless: We have this philosophy that is similar to stories like “Jurassic Park” and even “The Martian,” where you start from a place that everyone agrees is true and then as writers … we move forward. When we were in the writers’ room and building adventure moments, even in moments that were purely fantastic, we were always trying to ground it in physical laws, not in fantasy, but in what might actually happen.

Lost In Space is now streaming on Netflix. Read all of Business Insider’s interview here