Why Daisy Ridley Would Make The Perfect Indiana Jones!

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Steven Spielberg recently revealed to The Sun that he felt it was time for a female Indiana Jones. After Indy 5 is released in 2020 it is believed that Harrison Ford will no longer play the archeologist with a whip. But, it is hard to imagine that Disney and Lucasfilm won’t want to recast the part at some point. Indiana Jones is too lucrative a property and too recognizable of a brand to let die. 

The biggest issue will of course be how do you replace Harrison Ford? Alden Ehrenreich is learning how hard it is to play an iconic character that Ford helped to create. We have only seen one trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and many fans have already picked apart Ehrenreich’s performance for not being more Ford like. The young actor isn’t playing Han Solo the way Ford did and it isn’t sitting right with many film buffs. 

Spielberg’s suggestion of a female Indiana Jones would help separate the new Indy from Ford’s take on the adventurer. For me, I think the perfect woman to put on the fedora would be Daisy Ridley. The choice is somewhat obvious and there is no doubt Disney and Lucasfilm will at least consider her. But, here are 3 reasons why I think they should do more than just consider her…they should give her the role now!

Her physicality

Ford famously did a lot of his own stunts as Indiana Jones. His physicality allowed Spielberg to shoot a lot of the action scenes in wide shots and not have to cut. Nobody had to worry about hiding a stunt double from the audience. Ford was going to take as many leaps, punches and falls as he could. Ridley has shown a similar commitment to doing her own stunts.  

The first minute of the below video shows her knack for action. 

Keep The Role In The Lucasfilm Family 

When Harrison Ford was picked to play Indiana Jones by Spielberg and George Lucas he didn’t have a long acting resume outside of the Star Wars films. Ridley is in a similar situation, besides her portrayal of Rey, there isn’t a lot to see. But, nobody can argue that she hasn’t proven to be a more than capable lead actress in this new series of Star Wars films. I don’t think she would have any problem carrying a franchise like Indy. Plus, it is kind of poetic for Lucasfilm to take the new Indiana Jones from its Space Opera Franchise—it definitely worked the first time they did it with Ford. 

She Has Very Little In Common With Ford As A Performer

Ridley as Indiana wouldn’t just be different because she is a different sex than Ford. She is also a different type of performer. The reason why her scenes with Ford in The Force Awakens worked so well is because they were excellent counterparts. Ford is great at portraying the rugged rogue who is hiding a more sensitive side. Ridley has helped to create a character with Rey that is strong, but also vulnerable. While Ford often plays characters that hide their vulnerability, Ridley plays one that uses hers as fuel. Sure there are other differences like her English accent and Ford’s very American sounding voice. But, they both are excellent at portraying characters with strength and making those characters human by showing their vulnerability. But, what separates them is how they choose to project that frailty.


We probably won’t know who the next Indiana Jones will be until at least 2020. I know who my pick is and I hope Lucasfilm & Disney will see it the same way I do.