3 Reasons Why Indiana Jones 5 Has To Happen Now

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Indiana Jones 5 has a release date of July 10, 2020. This will be the first Indiana Jones film made by Disney. The Mouse House acquired the rights to Indiana Jones when they purchased Lucasfilm from George Lucas in 2012. The purchase was mostly made for the rights to make more Star Wars films—and the sci-fi fantasy series has obviously been the priority for Disney so far. But, more Indy stories seem like something they are anxious to make a reality.

Even though there is a release date in place—there still seems to be doubt about whether or not Spielberg will make Indy 5 his next project. There are rumors that a remake of West Side Story and a biopic about composer Leonard Bernstein also have the legendary director’s attention.

Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) and John Williams (Music Composer) seem ready to get started on the adventure. It is believed that George Lucas will no longer be involved with the franchise so the only hold up seems to be Spielberg. The director obviously can choose any project he wants and that always seems to make his attention wander when he’s picking his next film to make.

But, I believe that if Indy 5 does not happen now, it may never happen. Here are 3 reasons why I believe Indiana Jones must get started now.

The Interest Level Of The Public Is High

It is hard to find many people that have a high opinion of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However, despite it not being held in the same esteem as the original films, the fervor for another Indy adventure is still great. But, as time goes on, that passion will diminish. It’s been 10 years since Skull hit theaters and unlike other large franchises, Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Indiana Jones is currently absent from popular culture. There is no Indiana Jones cartoon or comic book to keep people invested. Right now people still care about the adventurer in the fedora, but as more and more time passes, and more and more new franchises attract fans, the interest will surely dwindle.

Lucasfilm & Disney Are Currently Obsessed With Nostalgia

The biggest criticism the public has had in regards to the Disney era of Star Wars is how heavily the films have relied on nostalgia. The Force Awakens & Rogue One were hugely successful, but critics felt they relied too much on characters and themes from the past. Obviously, Indiana Jones 5 and its box office potential will depend largely on nostalgia and the fanbase that has supported the franchise for almost 40 years. The backlash and criticism of franchises continuing with no end in sight is growing. There is a clamoring for new stories and fresh characters. Many believe that Star Wars Episode 9 will be the end of the Skywalker saga and that Star Wars stories will start to focus on new characters. If Indiana Jones 5 takes any longer to get made—it’s dependence on nostalgia may rub moviegoers the wrong way.

The Ages Of Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford & John Williams

Spielberg, Ford and Williams are going to be the biggest reasons why Indy 5 succeeds or fails. They are a legendary trio and their contributions to the series are monumental. But, they aren’t exactly in their prime anymore. Spielberg is currently 71 years old, Ford is 75 and Williams is 86. Their ages would make you think their careers should be complete. But, all 3 are still working consistently in the industry. Spielberg’s last film, The Post, was just nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Ford has put together strong back to back performances in Force Awakens & Blade Runner 2049—both films had him returning to iconic characters of his past. John Williams is still composing commanding music for Star Wars, but he has announced that Episode 9 will be his last film in the long running series. All 3 are still capable of great work, but how much longer will that last? How believable will Ford be as an 80 year old action hero? How capable will Williams be of composing a score in his 90s? Will Spielberg still be emotionally invested in everyone’s favorite archeologist in another 5 years or so? If Indiana Jones 5 is going to happen, with these 3 attached, it probably has to happen now.