Amblin Is Bringing Back A Cult Favorite & The Final ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer Releases

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Amblin Entertainment will produce a reboot of the cult favorite television show, Roswell. Roswell originally ran from 1999-2002. This new version will air on the CW. The original focused on a group of young alien/human hybrids with special abilities.

The original Roswell, and I would assume the new version, has a very Stranger Things type vibe. After the recent announcement of an Amazing Stories revival, and now the rebirth of Roswell, you get the idea that Amblin is embracing the elements that still define the company today—young people dealing with unbelievable events. 

The Roswell announcement comes as the final Stranger Things trailer drops for its second season. It’s really fun to see how much 80’s Spielberg & Amblin have inspired Stranger Things. It’s also interesting to see how much the success of the Netflix show has inspired Amblin and its recent projects. It’s like pop culture nostalgia has come full circle.