Spielberg & Amblin Are Honoring Their Past With 2 Upcoming Projects

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Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment have recently announced two projects that are definitely going to remind a lot of fans of the past. 

Steven Spielberg is teaming up with Apple to bring back his television series from the 1980s, Amazing Stories. Apple plans to make 10 episodes of the anthology series and the show will help launch Apple’s attempt at creating original television programs. You have to imagine that Apple is banking on the success of Stranger Things to help make Amazing Stories a hit. Stranger Things is obviously greatly inspired by the past work of Spielberg, so this recent development is interesting. Spielberg’s involvement is still in question, but many speculate that he will serve as an Executive Producer, along with television veteran Bryan Fuller who has officially joined the project. 

Amblin Entertainment also has a throwback project of sorts upcoming – Unexplained Phenomenon. The film will be directed by Dean Isralite and is about a family that discovers an object that contains odd and mysterious powers. The film is said to be inspired by films like E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind

It really feels like Steven Spielberg and Amblin are starting to embrace their past works in exciting ways. I am sure Stanger Things and its devotion to Spielberg and Amblin is showing the creator and his company that now would be a great time to revisit their iconic past.