Steven Spielberg Becomes CEO Of Amblin Partners

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Michael Wright, the top executive at Amblin Partners, is stepping down as CEO. Steven Spielberg will now become the CEO of his company—he formerly served as Chairman. 

This is very interesting when you think about Spielberg’s schedule. The man is already unbelievably busy with The Post coming out this December and Ready Player One due next year. Spielberg has always stayed exceptionally busy with his duties as a director and producer, but becoming CEO of Amblin Partners seems like another level of busy. When you consider his age, he will be 71 this December, you wonder how he can handle all of his responsibilities going forward. But, this is Steven Spielberg, and his commitment and endurance has proven to be remarkable over the years. 

I am really hoping this does not effect the next Indiana Jones adventure, we shall see. Read more on this, including a quote from Spielberg, at the Hollywood Reporter